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Nile Sirius Creator Releases Debut Album My Aesthetic Soul

Nile Sirius Creator has recently released his debut album, My Aesthetic Soul, which is streaming now on various platforms. The dreamy motif album features five original compositions which showcase his musical creativity and his expressive saxophone and piano playing.

The songs are:

Cosmic Recalibration: An upbeat tune with a funky aesthetic  about change that's filled with breathtaking harmonies, beautiful melodies, and a catchy percussive nature that embodies Nile's musical philosophy and style. 

Universal Amani: A heartfelt high-energy alternative rock/jazz tune that was composed to inspire people to live in harmony and peace.

Imagination Station Lullaby: A nostalgic soothing, soulful, and melodic lullaby to help relax and calm the mood.

The Celestial Jade Rose: A romantic, radiant, and heavenly doo-wop ballad composed to capture the beauty of The Celestial Jade Rose.

Aesthetic Fall: A dramatic, suspenseful, and soulful piano piece meant to capture the feeling of a painful - yet beautiful - free-fall.

For more information about Nile Sirius Creator and his music, visit his website at or follow him on Instagram @nilesiriuscreator .

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