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Nile Sirius Creator is an American multi-instrumentalist  and composer whose principal instrument is the alto saxophone.  He  is thankful to be able to compose, perform, and share music again after over a decade away from instrumental music!

Nile’s love affair with music began once he started learning how to play the duet "Heart and Soul" on the piano from his vocally gifted older sister at 6 years old. He quickly began writing instrumental songs with lyrics for his siblings to sing and dance to in their beloved toy room including the songs, "Big Heart Love", and, "Your Keys Are My Keys". Nile finally picked up a saxophone in the 8th grade that he could never seem to put back down!  

Growing up, Nile was exposed to an abundance of gospel, funk, r&b, and soul music including Motown artists, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Anita Baker, Parliament Funkadelic, The Isley Brothers, Prince, Whitney Houston, and Aretha Franklin. Additionally, during his youth, he enjoyed listening to movie soundtracks, Broadway musicals, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Country, Pop, and Reggae. 

In the past, Nile has had the pleasure of studying and performing with some industry greats, including learning from the late great Detroit trumpet legend, Mr.Marcus Belgrave, the late straight-ahead jazz alto saxophonist, Mr.Charles Evans, the late "Thriller" drummer and educator, Mr.Leon Ndugu Chancler, and woodwind extraordinaire, Mr. Gene Parker. Nile is also a former member of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra's Civic Jazz Orchestra and he has been a featured soloist with the Count Basie Orchestra.

Some of Nile's biggest musical influences include Cannonball Adderley, Kelly Price, Aretha Franklin, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Lauryn Hill, D'Angelo, Amy Winehouse, Stan Getz, Roy Hargrove, Paul Desmond, Art Pepper, and soundtracks by John Williams.  

Nile's personal musical philosophy is: "Always play what you hear! Find, nourish, and share your own original musical genius! I believe what makes music great is when the tune naturally flows from the musician and isn't forced! We all have the capability of individually expressing ourselves instead of stressing ourselves to fit into rigid definitions of instrumental musicians. Push the limits!"  

Nile has recently released his debut album titled "My Aesthetic Soul" which is streaming now! The album  features five original compositions in total which fuse together elements of jazz, soul, funk, blues, alternative rock, soul, doo-wop, and hip-hop.  

Nile is also passionate about human rights, education,  mental health, historical literacy, and holistic health.



In our opinion, "Cosmic Recalibration" is an inspiring and touching instrumental track that presents us with a meticulous instrumental and a passionate delivery, expanding the limits of creativity and musical expression. Amidst a positively linear ambiance, we are guided by a plural fusion sound, where each note leads us to explore new sensations. 

Your track has the potential for playlists and radio stations specializing in the genre. Your music will play on our radio, from Brazil to the world via online. 

Rádio Armazém - @radio.armazem


Overall, it (Universal Amani) is a really satisfying song that takes me on a journey through a variety of sounds. There are some relaxed tones that highlight the vibe, but the song has a lot of joy overall. It feels as though it is moving forward and accumulating momentum, one step at a time.

Dreamy Paradise - @musicnerd.curator


I just had the chance to listen to "Aesthetic Fall," and I must say it's a deeply moving piece. The way you've channeled your personal pain into a song that also radiates beauty and pride is truly remarkable. The emotion you poured into the composition and performance is palpable, creating a powerful listening experience.

Thank you for sharing your journey through this song.

Sentimental Music - Playlist Curator


Good music! 

Cosmic Recalibration - Very interesting jazz/pop, with a broken tempo, rich counter-tempos, aligned bass and drums, the saxophone shining in the melody of the main voice and a beautifully interpreted piano, with various nuances of bass and treble, perfect dynamics. 

The technical side is impeccable. A very well-crafted mix. The master gave the finish a special shine. Excellent production. 

Let's put it on our “Relax and Jazz” playlist on Spotify. 

Rádio Graviola - @radiograviola


“Universal Amani” stands out as a catchy and elegant track, perfect for listening to at high-status social events. On one hand, the melody maintains a captivating and emotional style that makes listeners move their heads in sync with it. Additionally, the constant melody changes prevent the song from feeling repetitive. I loved the main saxophone; it sounds incredibly good.

Cookfy - Argentinian Playlist Curator



mu·​sic | \ ˈmyü-zik - a : the art of producing pleasing or expressive combinations of tones especially with melody, rhythm, and usually harmony. b : the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity. ”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary




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